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Handling challenging situations with confidence and ease is no easy feat.

In the face of a perceived threat, our instincts tell us to fight, run for the nearest exit, or pretend we're not there and wait for the danger to pass.  Our body and mind are in a state that's not exactly conducive to having a smart and kind conversation and finding creative solutions.

When things get tense, and you feel like you can't think straight and you want to scream or hide (or both), this is not a personality flaw on your part - it's how humans are wired.

That wiring worked really well way back in the day when we were dealing with saber-toothed tigers, and our most important assets were strong arms and fast legs.  Our wiring doesn't work so well, however, when we need our brain to function above the level of caveman.

The good news:  You don't have to stay stuck in fight-flight-freeze mode.  There are very effective ways to recognize and moderate your stress response.  You can stay calm and focused, even when you feel threatened by a demanding boss, an irritated partner, a screaming toddler, a mean relative, an annoying neighbor, or any other modern-day equivalent of a saber-toothed tiger.  You can say what you have to say, without having to scream and without giving in all the time.

The not-so-good news:  If you try to figure all this out on your own, it may take a while (speaking from personal experience here).

You could read books on dealing with difficult people, practice Yoga and meditate regularly, take up Karate, and then figure out how to connect all the dots and apply what you’ve learned to your next tense conversation.

Or, you could get a jump-start right now.

In working as a corporate lawyer and a mediator, and through extensive Yoga and martial arts training, I have tested countless “techniques” – both for myself and with my clients.  I filtered and condensed tons of material and many years of experience and put the gems into a video training.

Badass Base Camp is one-stop shopping for getting your head in the right place, keeping your body from hijacking your brain by going into stress mode, and speaking up like the kind badass you are.

I am not promising you a magic pill that you swallow once and then – poof! – you will handle every conceivable situation with perfect poise and grace.  Some personalities and some conversations will always be challenging, and you will fall flat on your face sometimes, no matter how skilled you are.  (Again speaking from personal experience here.)

And, with practice, the urge to shake someone or go hide in a corner will diminish, and you will feel more competent and comfortable to talk things out instead.

What you get:

Two videos with my favorite mind-body tools to stay out of stress mode and resolve disagreements with smart, kind and creative conversations:

Video 1 (25 minutes):  The Gentle Badass Mindset

Effective strategies to shift your frame of mind, stop being a victim, and tackle challenging conversations feeling calm and confident.

Video 2 (22 minutes):  The Embodied Gentle Badass

Become like Mt. Fuji.  Use your posture and breathing to manage stress, fear and anger, so you feel more comfortable to stick around and have a meaningful dialogue.

Downloadable files for easy future reference:

  • A full transcript of both videos
  • Quick Guides with key points

Bonus Download:  Ten Common Sense Safety Tips

Stay safe like a badass – no fighting required.

Exclusive Bonus for Badass Base Campers:

VIP Coaching Session  (optional add-on)

Get individual support from me at the special member rate. Together, we will tailor the Badass Base Camp approach to your unique personality and circumstances.

Work with me one-on-one without committing to a full coaching package.  You may purchase your session during checkout or any time afterwards by logging in to the membership site.

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Badass Base Camp is for you if you are looking for an integrated approach to speaking up with more confidence and ease that

  • combines ancient wisdom and modern science,
  • addresses the whole body-mind system,
  • is accessible and doable for everyone,
  • is simple enough to remember in tense situations, and
  • can be applied immediately.

Most importantly:  This stuff works.

Don't just take my word for it ...

My client Michelle had a lot to say:

Badass Base Camp works!

I am generally a mild-mannered person. But push my buttons, and look out! I become what Badass Base Camp creator Lisa Fisher calls a “fire-breathing dragon.” In other words, a raging maniac. My blood boils, I see red, and I lash out at my intended target with explosive verbal venom.

After three incidents in one recent week, I knew I couldn’t continue confronting people this way. For one thing, it wasn’t good for my health. It also wasn’t good for my overall safety. I’m a petite 110-pounds; it wouldn’t take much for anyone to deck me. That would be bad enough, but these days you never know who might shoot you.

Those three troubling events were like a flashing neon sign from the Universe telling me it was time to do something constructive about this behavior. Something that would help me manage my anger and emotions in a more productive way. Something that would teach me how to defuse the tension and maintain my dignity in challenging situations.

I admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard about Badass Base Camp. I thought, ‘How can a one-hour video do what I haven’t been able to achieve in a lifetime of self-exploration and numerous self-help efforts (not to mention who-knows-how-many hours of therapy)?’  Then again, what did I have to lose? I figured there had to be something worthwhile in the content. I decided to check it out.

Am I ever glad I did! In a gentle yet firm voice that Lisa Fisher espouses as essential to the process, she sensibly and thoughtfully takes you through a series of simple, effective strategies for becoming an empowered and kind Badass.

If you think that’s impossible — that the concept of “Badass” and “kind” are mutually exclusive — you need to hear Lisa Fisher’s well-grounded reasoning that these are actually complementary concepts. You also need to hear her discuss the personal roadblocks we create that stand in the way of our ability to harness our inner Badass.

In the first video, you learn about the Gentle Badass Mindset — what it means to be a Gentle Badass, as well as the various methods you can use to shift your thinking, both before and during challenging encounters, so you can manage stress, maintain personal comfort, and avoid hostile conflicts. In other words, so you can have a successful rational dialogue with anyone, regardless of the situation, without compromising your identity or undermining your integrity.

This information about shifting your mindset by itself would be worth a half-hour of your time, but Lisa Fisher takes this training one step further by teaching and showing you how to embody your personal Gentle Badass. In the second video, she calls upon her experience in Kenpo Karate (as a first-degree black belt!) and as a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher to teach you the biomechanics of maintaining your personal authenticity. The physical dynamics of how to hold yourself to silently telegraph to others that you stand in your own power.

In addition to the videos, Lisa provides two downloadable pdf’s that you can read as you watch her videos (or instead of watching, if you prefer). So you can take notes as you watch (and watch more than once), and then have a written record to consult whenever you like. I found this helpful and supportive. Finally, Lisa reviews all this information to reinforce your ability to stand up for yourself while maintaining composure, and to remind you that “You got this!”

I wasn’t sure I did, but my opportunity to put Lisa’s suggestions into practice came sooner than I expected. A few days after I watched the videos, I had another encounter that echoed one of the three I’d had earlier. But right away I noticed that something within me had shifted. While the person I was trying to talk to went off on me — shades of my own former fire-breathing dragon staring me in the face — I recalled Lisa Fisher’s lessons. As the man got louder and more antagonistic, I got quieter and taller. Instead of lashing out at him, I held my tongue and stood my ground. A part of me was thinking, ‘I can’t believe this. I’m standing in my power without being reactive.’ It was extraordinary. When the event ended — when the man got in his car and drove off — I walked away calmly and in somewhat of a state of awe.

Since then, it has made a world of difference in my everyday life. I find I am calmer and more centered, and less apt to get riled by people or things that previously set me off. I highly recommend Badass Base Camp to anyone whose struggles with being assertive lead to bouts of belligerent anger or fearful retreat, as well as to anyone who merely wants to establish a more powerful presence without becoming antagonistic or hostile.

In one-hour, Badass Base Camp will teach you how to confront your demons so you don’t have to become one ever again.

Michelle S.
Los Angeles, CA

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