Working with a Bully

Stay calm.  Speak up.
Take your power back.

Do you want to be respected at work, get along with everyone, and do your work in peace?  But instead, you find yourself intimidated, humiliated, or excluded?  I am here to help you stop the mistreatment, so you can enjoy going to work again.

Hi, I'm Lisa Fisher.

I am a Conflict Coach, Mediator, Yoga teacher, Black Belt in Kenpo Karate ... and former target of bullying.

Please take a deep breath.  You no longer have to feel powerless, suffer in silence, or simply wait and pray for the bullying to stop.

You can take charge and change the situation.

This video course will give you practical, real-life tools to stand up to bullying. Let me guide you step by step to stay calm, speak up, and take your power back.

Manage your personal stress response
and improve your well-being.

We will begin by identifying how your personal mind-body system responds to being bullied.  Are you dealing with temporary physical sensations such as pressure on your chest, your mind going blank, or your throat closing up? Do you have high blood pressure, anxiety, stomach issues, or trouble sleeping?

These are not signs that you are weak or too sensitive – they are natural human reactions to a threat, commonly known as the fight-flight-freeze response.

Stress does not just happen in your body: it is an action, something you do, which means that you can undo stress with simple adjustments to your posture and breathing. This course will show you how.

Stay present and curious.

You will practice being more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and learn to suspend judgment and stay curious - even under pressure.

Why do humans resort to shouting, criticizing, micro-managing, discrediting, or other harmful behaviors?  This course will help you uncover the real reason - it's not what you may think!  Then, you can address the mistreatment at its source and remove the need for further bullying.

Balance the power dynamic.

Most bullying situations have one thing in common:  an unhealthy imbalance of power.  On the surface, the “bully” has most or all the power, and you are powerless.  But what lies beneath the surface?

Take a peek ...

Where does power come from?  And what is your most effective source of influence?  Enjoy this snippet from the Balancing Power course module.

You can take your power back!  You will learn how to influence everyone around you - and you don't have to become a bully in the process.

Embody compassionate power.

Your inner state, how you are, is your superpower - not in the comic book hero or spiritual pep-talk sense, but in the scientific sense:  When you are calm, confident, and kind, that changes which sources of power you can access and how you utilize them.  How you are affects everything you say and do, and it affects how other people treat you.

You will tap into this superpower through a widely under-utilized tool: your body.  No worries - there will be no kicking, punching, or contorting yourself into a pretzel. Non-athletic poses from the Embodied Yoga Principles system and martial arts concepts will help you shift your state from how you are in a given moment to how you want to be.

Power without love is brutality.
Love without power is ineffective.

Paul Linden

Stand up and speak.

You likely have some challenging conversations ahead of you - either directly with the person doing the bullying, or with someone else who can influence the behavior.  This course will show you how to get yourself in the right mindset before you talk, what to watch out for during the conversation so nobody falls down the fight-flight-freeze hole, what to do when the conversation is not going well, and how to take care of yourself afterwards.

Rather than inundating you with communication and negotiation theories, we focus on some carefully selected key principles and practical tools that are easy to remember, even when things get tense, and that make a big difference when applied consistently.  There really is no need to stress (pun intended) over complicated details.

What you'll learn, in a nutshell:

  • Stay calm with simple anytime, anywhere Ninja techniques.
  • Defuse the bullying dynamic by addressing the real reason for the behavior.
  • Exude authentic confidence through your posture, so you are less of a target.
  • Feel more in control and communicate with compassionate power.
  • Stand up for yourself to stop the bullying.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.

Alice Walker

This is for you if ...

  • You are the target of bullying at work, or a manager tasked to address bullying in your organization.
  • You want to do something, but you think you lack the confidence or skills to stand up for yourself effectively, or you are not sure where to start.
  • You had some uncomfortable conversations about the bullying which have not gone well or not changed much.
  • You have tried some of the usual "self-care" methods (yoga, meditation, bubble baths ...), but you still feel stressed.
  • You don’t need more complicated academic theories about conflict and communication – you want simple techniques that work in real life.

This is not a fit if ...

  • You just want to become a more effective martyr. (You will not practice being a victim.)
  • You want to take revenge on the person doing the bullying or teach them a lesson. (This would not result in a lasting improvement of the dynamics.)
  • You want to learn how to fight like them. (There are easier and better ways to achieve your goals.)
  • You want to find out about your legal rights. (Please seek advice from a licensed attorney.)
  • Your physical and/or mental health are significantly impacted. (This course can augment, but does not replace, treatment by a medical professional.)

Your time is precious ...

... which is why this course has been designed to easily fit into any schedule.

You receive life-time access to a library of bite-sized videos, including 

  • full transcripts of all videos, in case you'd rather read,
  • Quick Guides for easy reference, and
  • key word summaries to help you choose what you need the most.

Short on time and in need of quick help?  Follow the Accelerated Track - begin with the recommended core videos for essential concepts and practical strategies you can use immediately, then expand and refine your understanding and toolkit as your schedule allows.

What's inside ...

  • Basic Training video
  • Library of bite-sized videos, organized into 5 modules

Watch in the recommended step-by-step sequence, or pick and choose what is most relevant and pressing for you.

Basic Training

  • Fundamentals of managing stress
  • Understanding the bullying dynamic
  • Road map for your next steps

Module 1 -

Staying calm

  • Getting yourself out of fight-flight-freeze mode
  • Positive thinking, affirmations, and embodiment
  • Co-regulation and mirror-neurons

Module 2 -

Staying curious

  • Cognitive biases and the limits of the human brain
  • Being present under pressure
  • Simple daily awareness practices

Module 3 -

Balancing power

  • Types of power - sources of influence
  • The victim-villain-rescuer dynamic
  • When and how to fight - or not

Module 4 -

Embodying compassionate power

  • Your body as a communication tool
  • Shifting from how you are to how you want to be
  • Guided embodiment exercises to boost confidence and set boundaries

Module 5 -

Speaking up

  • Preparing for a tough talk: getting motivated and mastering fear
  • What to do when the conversation is not going well
  • Letting go and moving on

  • Be calm and in control, without compromising your values or becoming a bully yourself.
  • Communicate with firm confidence, in a way that is natural to you and that the other person can understand.
  • Create a culture of mutual respect and peaceful collaboration.

If you have read this far, this course is probably a good fit for you.

Invest in your well-being.

Coming December 15, 2020!

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  • Video library
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What clients have said about working with me ...

(Names omitted to respect privacy and confidentiality.)

Thank you so much for all the work you put in to helping not just me, but the Company. Working with you helped me move beyond the surface issues that lie within the Company and some of the people and see the bigger picture that this hurdle will pass. Now I have some simple tools to use to reduce my stress levels and to easily identify that this isn’t about me. I can honestly say that I am free of the burden of carrying the stress that team would cause me.

Senior Manager & target of bullying

Eye-opening and worthwhile.


I'm still breathing so much easier with your tools and techniques in hand after attending your workshop this last week. It's so nice to know that safety can be created from within. Makes so much space, inside and out. Thank you.

target of bullying

I feel like a have a bunch of new cool Ninja tools under my belt now. So simple, and so powerful!

target of bullying

Lisa is good at getting to know and understanding our unique, or sometimes not so unique, circumstances. We have a clearer idea of how to move forward as a team in a more productive way.

Human Resources Manager

I was reminded how much of a practice it is to speak and move with confidence and grace, and how many avenues there are without being an aggressive bully, a scorned cynic, or a passive pushover.

target of bullying

Our session gave me perspective and clarity.

Team Leader

Stay calm.  Speak up.
Take your power back.

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