Do you dread or avoid challenging conversations?
Do you clam up or blow up more often than you'd like?
Do you wish you could handle tense situations better?

I am here to guide you as you

  • uncover why you don't speak up, and why things don't go well when you do,
  • change the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck,
  • access your inner wisdom and develop real-life strategies that work for you,
  • learn how to prepare for tough discussions, and
  • practice actually having those challenging conversations, speaking up for yourself, and setting healthy boundaries.

I will NOT judge, shame or guilt you for being not enough or too much of anything.
You're great, and you're doing the best you can with what you've got.

I will NOT push you to apply cookie-cutter strategies to your unique situation.
You need solutions that feel authentic.

I will NOT allow you to stay where you are and continue to suffer.
You deserve to expand beyond what you believe possible.

I will support you as you bring out your inner badass.
Because I know you can.

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Together, we'll determine how I can help you with your next best step.

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