Do you dread or avoid challenging conversations?

Do you often stay quiet to keep the peace? 

Do your emotional outbursts make you
feel so bad that you retreat even more?

Once upon a time, my answer to these questions was a resounding "Yes".

Hi, I'm Lisa Fisher - mediator, conflict coach, and former world-class doormat.

My life used to be full of internal and external conflict, which left me feeling exhausted, resentful, and hopeless.  Fortunately, I found a way out of that hole.

I still don't love challenging conversations.  Honestly, who does?  But I no longer dread them so much that my chest hurts, and I no longer avoid them until my inner pressure cooker explodes.

I can say what I have to say, to the person who needs to hear it, in my own gentle and badass way.

That's what I want for you, too.

I am here to guide you as you

  • uncover why you don't speak up, and why things don't go well when you do,
  • change the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck,
  • access your inner wisdom and develop real-life strategies that work for you,
  • learn how to prepare for tough discussions, and
  • practice actually having those challenging conversations, speaking up for yourself, and setting healthy boundaries.

A few things I will NOT do:

  • Judge or shame you for being not enough or too much of anything. You're doing the best you can with what you've got.
  • Push you to apply cookie-cutter strategies to your unique situation. You will walk away with solutions that resonate with who you are.
  • Promote the illusion that your brain has all the answers. You will discover the power of your body, without punching anyone.
  • Rescue you. You are your own hero!
  • Allow you to stay where you are and continue to suffer. You deserve to take up space and enjoy true harmony.

I will support you as you bring out your inner badass.
Because I know you can.

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Together, we'll determine how I can help you with your next best step.

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