Dealing with "difficult" people?

Join me online for a donation-based 30-minute class every Monday at noon Eastern Time (NY). Replays are available if you cannot attend live.

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Try this gentle, guided body scan to help you notice and soften any tense areas in your body, so you can be a little more relaxed, and free up some energy.
(Audio - listen or download for free)

(10 minutes)

Working with a bully?

My presentation, recorded at The Embodiment Conference 2020, is on YouTube.

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Are you wondering how to talk about touchy subjects like politics or religion? Perhaps you would love to convince a family member, friend, or coworker to reconsider their opinion, but you don't want to start a fight.

Click below for some guidelines on how to have a respectful conversation that may actually change something.  (Free PDF Download)

To effectively heal past trauma, reduce violence, and address systemic injustice, we must establish both power and love in the body.  Practice Paul Linden's five simple exercises to create peace on the inside - and on the outside.  (Free PDF Download)

Simple and quick technique to calm down when tempers are flaring up.  A crucial first step when you want to keep the peace!

ABC Centering courtesy of Mark Walsh.

(5 minutes)

Guided mind-body meditation to ground yourself during times of uncertainty. Stay calm and access your inner wisdom, using easy seated Embodied Yoga poses.

(7 minutes)

Body and mind getting a bit tense?  Feel more relaxed after some easy stretching, right from your couch.

(21 minutes)

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