Women's Self Defense

Badass training for gentle souls.

Welcome to Badass Camp.  Your place to learn how to

  • defend yourself against being grabbed, choked or carried off – without acting like Rambo,
  • keep uninvited admirers out of your personal space – without being rude or causing a scene,
  • be your own unique version of badass – without being a bitch,
  • feel calm and confident in any situation – without a gun or a bodyguard, and
  • stay away from trouble – without moving into a monastery.

Spend two hours with me and a small group of like-minded souls in a safe and nurturing environment.  Think Summer Camp for women who want to take care of business but be nice about it.

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I’ll go out on a limb and take a few guesses:

  • You don’t like violence. (Neither do I.)
  • Traditional self defense classes look scary and uncomfortable to you. (Yep, to me as well.)
  • You could use a bit more badass energy in your life. (Don’t we all.)

For most women, the idea of taking a self defense class brings up resistance, and legitimate questions such as:  Will I have to hit people?  Am I fit enough to do this?  Is this really going to help me stay safe?

Allow me to address what may be going through your mind, and point out a few things you may not know about self defense – yet:

You don’t need mega muscle to defend yourself.

No matter your size, age or fitness level, you can keep yourself safe.  Self-defense is less about strength or speed, and more about awareness and leverage.  You’ll learn how to use your unique build, what you wear, and items you carry with you every day, to get out of dangerous situations.

Flashy moves are for movies.

Complex techniques that require years to master?  Even martial artists only practice those to hone their craft.  The most effective self defense techniques are super simple, so you can actually remember and use them, even when your adrenaline is pumping.  That’s what you’ll learn here.

You can repel trouble with a badass mindset.

When you feel and act like the badass you already are, trouble tends to stay away from you.  You can avoid many iffy situations simply by turning off victim mode and activating your inner badass.  I’ll show you how to do that.

Self defense is not just for when you’re mugged in a dark alley.

Have you ever wondered how to handle that guy who puts his arm around you at a party without your permission, or the co-worker who likes standing too close to you?  Even if you want to be polite, there are better options than simply enduring unwanted advances.  You will leave this workshop armed with elegant ways to maintain your personal space.

It’s not about fighting.

It’s about avoiding a fight and, if a fight should start, ending it quickly and with the least amount of damage possible.  For the record:  I don't like to fight ...

What to expect at the Workshop

  • A nurturing and gentle environment. Your inner badass will feel safe to come out.
  • A small group of like-minded women. The only guy who may show up is The Dude. He may look mean, but he’s made of rubber and totally harmless.
  • Practicing on The Dude is optional. You don’t have to scream on top of your lungs while you beat up on a fully padded “opponent”. (Not a fan of that approach.)
  • Personalized attention from your instructor, yours truly.

What you'll learn

  • Being aware of your surroundings.
  • Projecting confidence to stay out of the “potential victim” pool.
  • Staying calm and focused even when you’re scared.
  • Defending yourself against being grabbed, choked or carried off.
  • Keeping your personal space free of uninvited admirers at work and social events.

What you'll take with you

  • Simple and effective tools you can apply immediately.
  • Knowing how to turn off victim mode and activate your inner badass.
  • Mind-body hacks that make scary situations less scary.
  • Real-life skills for real people and real-life situations.

Are you in?

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What makes me qualified to teach you

I used to be a doormat.  I am quiet and gentle by nature, and I was very accommodating because I wanted everyone to like me.  Some people mistook this for an invitation to walk all over me.  It was very unpleasant, and painful.  It took longer than I would have liked, but I found a way out of victim mode.

After 14 years of professional experience as a mediator and conflict coach, a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, and three Yoga teacher certifications, I now respond very differently to attacks (including the verbal and emotional kind). I can use my breathing and posture to harness my inner warrior, stay calm, and stand up for myself in any situation.

I’m still quiet and gentle, but I’m not a doormat anymore.  I think of myself as a badass.  And that’s what I want for you, too.

Will you join me?

The workshop in a nutshell

  • Awareness practice to avoid trouble.
  • Mind-body adjustments that say badass, not victim.
  • Polite ways to maintain your personal space in social situations.
  • Gentle escapes from being grabbed, choked or carried off.
  • Simple and effective strikes for emergency situations.

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Nice things people have said about previous workshops ...

(Names have been omitted to protect my clients' privacy.)

What a great class you gave yesterday!  So informative, fun, and empowering.  Let us know when you are planning your next level class.  We will be there.

I feel like a have a bunch of new cool Ninja tools under my belt now. So simple, and so powerful!

I left the session already feeling more confident and empowered.

Lisa calls upon her experience in Kenpo Karate (as a first-degree black belt!) and as a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher to teach you the biomechanics of maintaining your personal authenticity. The physical dynamics of how to hold yourself to silently telegraph to others that you stand in your own power.

I loved that it combined both the mental and physical aspects of dealing with conflict.

I loved how interactive and fun you made it. Very engaging.

Five stars! All of the content was understandable and related and very relevant. I feel like I got a lot out of it.

I was surprised to recognize how many possible solutions there could be to resolving a difficult or awkward situation, whereas before I only saw one or two possibilities with less than ideal outcomes.

I find I am calmer and more centered, and less apt to get riled by people or things that previously set me off. I highly recommend [working with Lisa] to anyone whose struggles with being assertive lead to bouts of belligerent anger or fearful retreat, as well as to anyone who merely wants to establish a more powerful presence without becoming antagonistic or hostile.

I was reminded how much of a practice it is to speak and move with confidence and grace, how it might not always feel natural but I can keep getting better at it, and how many avenues there are without being an aggressive bully, a scorned cynic, or a passive pushover.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!
I look forward to helping you activate your inner badass.

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