Embodied Peacemaking Workshops
(live on Zoom)
starting on February 9, 2023:

Dealing with criticism

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How can we transform conflict, divisiveness, distrust, and violence at home, at work, and in our communities?  Do we just need more love?  Or do we need more power in the hands of decent people?  Actually, we need both.  In the words of my friend and colleague:

Power without love is brutality.
Love without power is ineffective.

Paul Linden

Why do human beings fight and hurt each other?  And why is it that some conflicts continue to get worse?

In a nutshell:  Most people respond to potential danger with anger, fear, or numbness.  While these are natural human survival strategies, they imbalance the body and interfere with clear thinking.  When we attack, retreat, or shut down in an effort to protect ourselves, we merely create more fear, anger, and numbness – both within ourselves and in others.

The good news is:  We can choose to respond differently and stop this vicious circle – by thinking, speaking, and acting based on a mind-body state of compassionate power.  This is not complicated, but it does take practice.

Please join me to explore simple, practical, and effective tools to handle conflict better:

  • speak up, without blowing up
  • replace biting your tongue or excessive compromising with a more useful approach
  • make difficult conversations less stressful
  • lower the temperature when an interaction gets heated
  • preserve your sanity and self-respect - AND your relationships

Hi, I'm Lisa Fisher.

Why do I offer Embodied Peacemaking Workshops?

If we want to survive as a species, we must learn to live in harmony with our fellow humans and our natural environment.  We must learn to treat each other with respect, even when we are different, disagree, or don't like each other.  We must learn to respond to perceived danger and conflict with power AND compassion.

Most of us are not born knowing how to do this well, but all of us can learn.  As a conflict coach, mediator, martial artist, and Yoga teacher, I want to help.

Making the world a more peaceful and caring place may seem like a daunting task, but it is possible.  Let's start where we are and do what we can.  Let's learn to stay calm under pressure, step up to challenging conversations, and replace fights with dialogue.  Let's learn to better navigate differences with our family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors, and create a ripple effect throughout society.

Together, we can do this. Please join me.

Want to stay in the loop about future events?

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Nice things people have said about previous workshops ...

(Names have been omitted to respect my clients' privacy.)

Your training was gentle, but super empowering.  It made me feel like I can handle this, and the things you suggest are doable.

Five stars! All of the content was understandable and related and very relevant. I feel like I got a lot out of it.

I'm still breathing so much more easy with your tools and techniques in hand after attending this last week. It's so nice to know that safety can be created from within. Makes so much space, inside and out. Thank you.

I feel like a have a bunch of new cool Ninja tools under my belt now. So simple, and so powerful!

I was reminded how much of a practice it is to speak and move with confidence and grace, how it might not always feel natural but I can keep getting better at it, and how many avenues there are without being an aggressive bully, a scorned cynic, or a passive pushover.