I'm Lisa Fisher - conflict coach, mediator,
Yoga teacher and Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

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Things getting tense at home during the pandemic lockdown?

Special quick-fix offer to help you stay calm and sane, without teleporting to a remote island or constantly hiding in the bathroom for "me" time.

Reorient your life from feeling like a victim to being your own hero.

Personalized one-to-one coaching to take you from feeling worried, trapped, and scared to being aware of your unhelpful mind-body habits, mastering your fears, respecting yourself, setting boundaries and establishing healthier communication patterns.

Do you want to face challenging situations feeling strong and calm like Mt. Fuji?

Recorded videos with my top strategies to regulate your stress response, so you can have smart, kind and creative conversations rather than turning into a fire-breathing dragon or hiding in a corner.

Getting divorced?

Let me help you stop fighting and create a more harmonious relationship with your future ex.  Your marriage is ending, but respect and compassion can continue.

Does your team score high on conflict and low on morale and productivity?  Dealing with an abrasive manager?

Workplace coaching will ease tension and build internal competence to handle disagreements more effectively, so everyone can enjoy coming to work again and take the recruiter off speed-dial.

Simple and effective self-defense training - for gentle souls!

Learn how to stay safe and keep unwanted intruders out of your personal space.  Mega muscle, flashy moves, turning into a bitch, or moving into a monastery not required.

Embodied Yoga - for your whole life, not just your hamstrings.

In addition to building strength and flexibility and releasing deeply held tension, you will use easy, accessible postures to shift your emotional state, transform your habitual thoughts and behaviors, and create a happier life.

Feeling stressed and on edge?
Regain a sense of calm and control with this simple technique.
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