Embodied Yoga

Yoga for your life, not just your hamstrings.

Beyond releasing tension and building strength and flexibility, Embodied Yoga reveals how you are - both on and off the mat - and offers tools for changing how you feel in the moment and your long-term patterns.

Accessible and sustainable for all levels of experience and physical fitness.

Mindful Yang Yoga

An alignment-based movement practice to create balance in all areas of your life.

  • feel grounded and empowered
  • give and receive, with discernment
  • communicate with love and power
  • embody the martial arts Warrior Spirit — let go of a future outcome to fully focus on your best effort in the present

Yin Yoga

Take a break and surrender into long-held, mostly supported floor postures.

  • release deeply held tension
  • calm your body and mind
  • increase healthy range of motion
  • regulate energy flow to feel both relaxed and refreshed

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That was the best Yoga class I ever had. There is no tension left in my body.

Private client after her first Yin Yoga session

I was worried whether I would be able to keep up, but this was so different from the other Yoga classes I've been to. You make it so accessible. I actually felt strong and stable.

Private Mindful Yang Yoga student

That was amazing. At the end I felt like I was levitating.

Student after small group Yin Yoga class