Home life getting tense?

If sheltering in place is not a staycation
with more time to relax for you,
keep reading.

Let me take a few guesses:

  • you're tired of the social media posts telling you that now is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language, write a book, or start your online business,
  • you have to check your phone to remember what day it is,
  • a TV in each kid's bedroom is beginning to look like a fine parenting strategy,
  • you're perfecting non-verbal communication techniques such as the Icy Glare, the Eye Roll, and the Superwoman Pose,
  • you hide in the bathroom just to get some time to yourself, and
  • you dream of teleporting to a remote beach ...

Please take a deep breath and relax your shoulders.

You are not alone. What you're experiencing is completely normal.  Not everybody may realize or admit it, but we're all stressed right now.  When we perceive a danger of any kind (whether in the form of saber-toothed tigers, screaming kids, or sulking spouses), our brain automatically sends a message to all our systems to get ready to fight, run away, or play dead so we can be safe.  This is the fight-flight-freeze response you've probably heard of:  Blood gets routed to our arms and legs, away from the brain centers responsible for higher level thinking.

Under stress, we become less smart, less kind, and less creative.

That's why we snap at people we love and say things we regret, are at a loss for what to do, or go hide in the aforementioned bathroom.

Good news:  We can do something about that!

Before you turn into a fire-breathing dragon, search eBay for a teleportation device, or practice advanced social distancing in the bathroom again, try this simple and quick centering technique to calm down:

When we are frustrated, angry or upset, we are not our smartest, kindest and most creative selves.  Calming our stressed nervous system - even if just a little bit - before we say or do anything leads to better conversations, less conflict, and more pleasant relationships.

ABC Centering courtesy of Mark Walsh.

Give it a try ...

Did that help?  Disclaimer:  Being able to calm yourself down won't magically make all tension and disagreements disappear.  But, I can tell you from personal experience that it's a really good start.

Hi, I'm Lisa Fisher, taking things one day at a time at home.

Fortunately, as a mediator and conflict coach, I have a lot of tools to keep me grounded and to navigate potential conflicts without stepping on too many landmines ...

It also helps that I'm a certified Yoga teacher and a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, and I've learned to recognize my body's stress signals and moderate them before things get out of hand.

So, if you want to

  • feel more calm and stay sane, without having to escape to a remote island,
  • express your needs, instead of just keeping a stiff upper lip and pretending you're fine,
  • create a more pleasant atmosphere at home, without simply smoothing over the waves and avoiding uncomfortable conversations,
  • actually resolve disagreements, instead of blowing up or giving in, and
  • build closer bonds and stronger relationships with the people who matter to you,

I've got you covered!

Let me show you how you can

  • regulate your stress response, so you can feel better and maintain a robust immune system,
  • keep your brain online, so you can be the voice of reason in the room,
  • help those around you calm down, so you can spend less time putting out fires and have more time for yourself,
  • address your fears and worries, so you can be a source of hope, and
  • communicate more effectively, so you are heard and understood.

To help reduce the current collective stress level, I am offering single virtual coaching sessions (no long-term commitment required).

Together, we will develop a personalized plan for you to

  • reset your emotional state on demand, wherever you are,
  • de-stress, which will calm down the people around you as well, and
  • say what you have to say, to the person who needs to hear it, with confidence and kindness.
Yes, please!

This will be 100% coaching for you, NOT a veiled sales call to get you to join some program or buy a digital product.

In fact, as a special bonus, after our session you will receive free access to my video course:

Badass Base Camp is filled with my favorite mind-body tools to stop avoiding or dreading challenging conversations, and to speak up like a kind badass.  It will be yours to keep, for extra resources and future reference.

To find out more about Badass Base Camp, click here.

What you get in a nutshell:

75 minutes of personalized one-to-one coaching for you.  (Normally only available as part of a coaching package, minimum 10 sessions at $500 each.)

Badass Base Camp, my video course to help you speak up like a kind badass. (Normally sold separately for $75).

Your investment:  $250

Ready to book your coaching session?


Not sure about coaching yet, or prefer the DIY approach?

Do the video course and
upgrade to a coaching session from the members area, whenever you're ready.

Same total price.  (Yes, really.)

And the offer won't go away once some arbitrary countdown timer reaches zero.
(Nobody needs more stress right now.)

Yes, please!

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