conflict coaching

Be more at peace with yourself and others.

Things getting tense at home during the pandemic lockdown?

Special quick-fix offer to help you stay calm and sane, without teleporting to a remote island or constantly hiding in the bathroom for "me" time.

Tired of waiting for someone else to be nicer to you? When you change, everything changes! End victimhood and be your own hero.

Personalized one-to-one coaching to help you master your fears, respect yourself, set boundaries and establish healthier communication patterns.

Do you dread or avoid challenging conversations? Retreat into a corner or turn into a fire-breathing dragon when things get tense?

Pre-recorded training to help you stay calm, speak up for yourself, and have smart, kind and creative conversations.

Does your team score high on conflict and low on morale and productivity?  Dealing with an abrasive manager?

Workplace coaching will ease tension and build internal competence to handle disagreements more effectively, so everyone can enjoy coming to work again and take the recruiter off speed-dial.

Getting divorced?

Let me help you stop fighting and create a more harmonious relationship with your future ex.  Your marriage is ending, but respect and compassion can continue.

When we are frustrated, angry or upset, we are not our smartest, kindest and most creative selves.  Calming our stressed nervous system before we say or do anything leads to better conversations, less conflict, and more pleasant relationships.

Try this simple and quick technique ...